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What We Do

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How We Work
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How We Work
We have a one hour minimum bench fee and in the first hour we'll either fix the problem you told us about, or as much as possible if it's complex, as well as assess everything else your equipment could use to be reliable and sound its best.

If we estimate that your repair job will go over an hour of labor, or the parts are going to be over a few dollars, we'll stop and contact you to go over what your equipment needs, adjust the repairs to your budget or personal preferences if necessary, and continue from there. If you decline the repair estimate entirely, you only owe us for the first hour of labor (and any new parts we installed that you opt to keep), plus tax.

Q & A
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and Local Check's with ID

Will you require a payment up-front or a deposit later to work on my equipment?
For Rush Service jobs we require an up-front payment for the first hour at the time your equipment is booked in. For Standard Service we don't take an up-front payment unless your equipment is not worth more than the one-hour minimum bench fee as-is. Once we are working on your gear; if your gear requires more than an hour of labor or the parts are expensive, and the repair estimate we finalize with you exceeds $300 or is otherwise close to or will exceed the value of the equipment, we will ask for a deposit before continuing.

Q. How long do I have to pickup my equipment after you've told me it's done?
A. We prefer to have repairs paid for and picked up promptly when they are finished of course, but you have a maximum of 30 days from the date we contacted you indicating it's done.

Q. If I decline the repair estimate now but want to do it later, how long do I have?
A. We hold estimates for 30 days from the day you declined the repair, and therefore you have 30 days from the decline date to bring it back in and start right where we left off (assuming the equipment is in the same state it was when it left here and doesn't need additional work or parts). You will still owe us for the first hour of labor plus any parts you authorized already. Sorry we do not supply detailed parts lists or itemized defect lists on declined repairs; you will only receive this detail level when you execute the repair as quoted and it will be listed in the final invoice.

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