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Here at Aviator Audio we go the extra mile on every piece of gear that comes through our shop. Our philosophy is to dig deep and let you know what your equipment needs across the board, as well as letting you know what solutions are available to make your equipment more relaible and sound better. Whether it's your bedroom amp, or your livelyhood and reputation rest on your equipment working day in day out, you deserve to know everything going on with your gear. You're never obligated to fix everything we find and we regularly adjust estimates to fit budgets or personal preferences.

Our tech's each have over four decades of experience and thousands of jobs completed, all are musicians and have been involved in the pro-sound industry and NW music community for many years. Major and Independant Artists, Recording Studios, Pro-Sound Companies, Businesses, as well as Manufacturers have relied on our our services for thorough and reliable repairs, restoration, and engineering... so when you're ready to have it done right, give us a shout!

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